Secret Sharing Survey

My name is Chris and I am currently writing my master thesis at the TU Berlin in co-operation with the FU Berlin. My goal is to research how to remove hurdles that discourage people from using PGP to encrypt their email.

For a better understanding of the user, I would appreciate you answering the following multiple-choice questionnaire. It will just take a few minutes!

My approach is looking into introducing a secret sharing scheme that helps with secure distributed backups of the private key. If you don’t know what secret sharing is, no worries, that’s what I am trying to explain. Therefore I created an on boarding prototype that I would love your feed back on. Since this is within an academic context I have it embedded within a survey that is around 20 short, mostly multiple-choice-questions. Of course the input is anonymized and used only within my research purpose. I did add an option for you to add your email incase you are interested in the further development of this idea.